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    Inside the body is a very complex yet simple system that allows the inborn intelligence to work. This communication system is made up of the brain and spinal nerves. The brain sends messages to all parts of the body in the form of electrical impulses that travel at a speed of 270mph. The body is able to work and function by receiving these messages which are continuously being sent by the brain. The brain can continue to communicate with the body as long as there is no interference.

    The nervous system is protected by bony structures. The skull protects the brain and 24 moveable bones called vertebrae protect the spinal cord. The spinal nerves branch out from the spinal cord and go to all parts of the body. A misalignment of one of the vertebrae can cause it to come out of its normal position. With this malpositioning, pressure can be applied to the spinal cord or spinal nerves causing interference in the communication system. When pressure is applied causing the inference, the message being sent by the brain is now blocked or reduced. As a result, the body will not receive the message in full form and dysfunction will occur. This dysfunction may be in the form of many different types of symptoms. Most of all, a person's health will suffer because of the interference from vertebral subluxations.

    Posture, the window to the spine
    Most people think that poor posture is simply a state of not looking your best. But posture is a reflection of the health of the spine that can cause the outward posture appearance. This postural imbalance is an indication that subluxations may be present in the spine.

    Normal posture
    A normal posture should show level head, shoulders and hips. From the side you should be able to draw a plumb line through the ear, shoulder, hip and ankle.

    Most common posture profile
    It's estimated that 90% of the population has a posture profile in which the head is forward of its normal position. However, the real danger lies not in the affect on your appearance, but in the effect on your health. People who maintain this posture for months or years may see their shoulders become more rounded and may even see a hump develop over time.

    Early Detection
    A chiropractor trained with the latest posture analysis technology can detect posture deviations such as a forward head carriage. Finding a problem early means there will be a greater chance of correction.

    Our Mission...
    To adjust and educate as many families as possible toward better health through natural chiropractic care.

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